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Brief Company Profile

Interior Specifics metamorphosed from what used to be a subcontractor of window blinds, furniture and interior décor in 1996/1997. Then it used to be known as Wood Blair Concepts because it did not major in furniture and interior décor alone.

In May 2000 it opened its main showroom in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria and to create a separate legal entity with specialised trade for the business, it was registered on the 15th of October 2002 as INTERIOR SPECIFICS LTD with Mr Debola Omooba and Mrs Joy Omooba as its directors.

In the year 2005 the company leaped higher when it opened its furniture factory at Maryland, Lagos and commenced the production of specific line of furniture.

The business scope of the company covers a wide spectrum including but not limited to manufacturing, sales and installation of various state of the art and contemporary, neo-classic and classic furniture, floor, wall and ceiling finishing and design concepts for homes. The company simply creates interior design solutions for residential and commercial properties.

In 2006 the company added property renovation and facelift to its line of business to complement its knack for creating design solutions. The company has 50 permanent members of staff in its employment and its clientele cuts across all spheres from individuals to corporate organisations numbering over five hundred and fifty clients and still counting.

The company has two subsidiaries namely: Offisdesign Limited (specialized in office interior designs and office furniture retailing) and Interior Café Limited (specialised in medium-end home designs and home furniture retailing). It was also recently registered in Ghana and hopes to commence operation there as soon as possible.

The dream of its proprietors have always been to leave a legacy, make Interior Specifics a household name, make people appreciate the valued importance of interior design and its improvements to the environment and create an avenue of employment opportunities and these to a great extent has materialized. Despite all odds, the company speaks volumes and forges ahead in leaps and bounds.

Today, INTERIOR SPECIFICS LTD is a viable and successful company reputed for quality and class. Little wonder it stands ‘Primus Inter Pares’ in its chosen field and the sky is not its limit but it’s beginning!